9 signs indicating your yoga practice is overdone!

by YogaYami

In recent years, under the influence of various cool yoga asanas, many yogis are on their way to pursue the perfect yoga asana. There is nothing wrong with pursuing a more perfect version of yourself, reaching higher goals and achieving more perfect asanas.

However, many people will uncontrollably pursue the perfect asana too much or excessively, and even make asana the whole of yoga, over-practicing and even straining themselves in order to achieve a certain asana.

So, how do we know if we are overdoing it in our daily practice? Here are 9 signs, if you have 3 or more of them, then your yoga practice is too much.


1、Continuous chronic muscle soreness or joint pain for more than 3 days

If your body has chronic muscle soreness or joint pain for more than 3 days, it means that your yoga practice is too intense and your body’s lactic acid metabolism is slow, producing delayed muscle soreness, so you need to rest immediately and adjust your practice plan.


Many people, in order to quickly pursue the success of the asana, it is easy to have muscle ligament strains, that is, the injury of yoga. Regardless of the degree of injury, since the injury, it means you need to rest.

However, you will still see many people, even if injured but still in pain practice, many people will praise the spirit of this practice, but in essence, in the case of physical injury practice, not only the practice effect is not good, and is not conducive to physical recovery, more delay the progress of practice.

3、Tiredness, aversion to practice

If the body appears tired, it means that your practice may be excessive, or the original body is very tired, but in order to complete the task of practice and practice, and even began to loathe practice, indicating that your yoga practice is excessive, at this time you need to rest, not for the sake of practice and practice, no effect, more meaningful.

4, practice when the consciousness is not focused

“How much is the camel pose backbend?” “Are these yoga clothes beautiful?” “This asana looks good in pictures, doesn’t it?” While practicing, your consciousness is constantly distracted by the outside world, obsessed with appearances and unable to listen to the inner voice of your body.

5. It’s hard to notice your breathing

For example, if you want to stand upside down, you keep trying hard, determined to master the asana, and then just try to stand up over and over again without rest. Then you become anxious and start to hate yourself for why you can’t do it, and you have a hard time or can’t feel your breath at all.

6. Irritability, anxiety, frustration, restlessness, etc.

If in the practice, if you will hate yourself because you can’t do a certain asana, easily get angry with yourself or others, and often get very anxious and frustrated thinking that you can’t do a certain asana after practicing for so long.

Then, it means that the practice may not be suitable for you, and you need to stop or adjust the practice plan, the adjustment of your mind is more important than the practice asana itself.

7、Insomnia, headache

If you exclude the physiological and external factors that cause insomnia and headache in your life, yoga you have symptoms of insomnia and headache, then it means your yoga practice may be too much, proper practice will not make people have insomnia and headache, and can relieve insomnia and headache.


For many people, there is a desire to be the best. However in a yoga class, don’t make your practice a competition, pay attention to your own mat, focus your awareness on your own practice, don’t think about how you look or how your back is straighter than others, close your eyes and feel your body, feel how the asanas make your body feel.

9. Ignore simple resting asanas

We often habitually get into a quick success mindset, wanting to get the most out of our bodies in the shortest amount of time, so we unconsciously let our bodies go beyond their maximum limits.

The truth is that simple resting asana are just as important. Yoga is about finding our balance, a yin and a yang, practicing and resting, and in the moments of rest, a lot of good things happen, like muscle repair and spiritual cleansing.

Yoga practice is good for the body, listen, understand, and accept your body when you are on the mat, you need to be patient and accept the limits of your body while facing the challenging asana practice, yoga is the union of mind, body, and soul.

If you just practice asanas, you can go faster. But if you listen to your body, pay attention to your mind and nurture your soul, your yoga journey will be more complete.

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