On Yoga Relaxation

by YogaYami
yoga Relaxation

Yoga is a practical tool for untapping our hidden, and latent potential. It uses the five techniques of asana, vinyasa, bandha, pranayama, and drushti to bring about a state of profound relaxation.

This relaxed state is one of vibrant, and alert harmony, in which all of the different aspects of our being are integrated, and accessible. It emerges once we are completely free from any residual tension.

It becomes apparent as soon a we begin the process of releasing the residual tension we carry within us. Most of this tension is so deeply embedded that we are often unaware of its existence even though it hinders us. Generally it is because we never were, or cannot remember being without it.

Hatha Yoga is more than simply relieving us from tensions that disturb us. It can release us completely from all patterns of holding, and stagnation down to the deepest, unconscious levels of our being.

Did you know that most of us have restrictive patterns of habituated tension. These inhibitors are the result of past experience. Intrusive, threatening experiences evoke resistance. Generally we react to these intrusion by tightening, and hardening our bodies, and minds. It is our way of making the intrusion less painful. Though a protective mechanism, this is not healthy in the long run.

Unfortunately, the effect of the tightening, and resistance solidifies muscles, and other cells around the energetic impetus of the intrusion. This solidification buries the energy of the intrusion, and we do not have to face its pain.

But it remains inside us: locked in immobile muscle fibers, blocked veins, and capillaries, dammed nerve pathways, and dormant synapses. So our unprocessed past remains imposed upon the present. Where it serves only to restrict us, and limit our lives.

Yoga can release us from this process if we approach our practice from a balanced perspective. All the elements of asana, vinyasa, bandha, pranayama, and drushti must be present if we are to free ourselves of it. Approach your practice with sensitivity, and awareness. If done absentmindedly, or violently, it can reinforce this process further.

Hatha Yoga then is not superficial relaxation. No, it is much deeper than that. It is not covering up, or avoiding uncomfortable feelings. That can best be done by having a glass of wine, a massage and/or a hot bath. Hatha Yoga challenges, reveals, and releases our embodied tension resulting in a release of our full potential.

This is done in a precise, pragmatic, and systematic manner. It is not in anyway haphazard. Repeated, and accurate application of the techniques elicits specific and predictable results. You experience a deep sense of relaxation, and freedom within your own being. The manifestation of this freedom is gratitude, appreciation, compassion and enthusiasm for life, and living.

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