Anuloma Pranayama – What it is and Benefits

by YogaYami
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‘Anu’ means ‘along with’, or in orderly succession, and “loma’ is hair, or in natural order. Here the fingers control the nostrils to delicately discharge the flow of the out-going breath. Master the techniques of Ujjayi, and Viloma Pranayama before attempting Anuloma.

In anuloma, inhalation is done through open nostrils, with or without pauses, and with Mula Bandha in the advanced stages. Exhalation is done either with both nostrils partially open, or alternatively with the one nostril completely blocked, and the other partially closed. Uddiyana is used in the advanced stages.

In all stages, the in-breath is shorter than the out-breath, the emphasis being on delicate prolongation of the latter.

Some of the Effects:

This cleanses the nasal passages, and creates quietness, and calmness in the sadhaka. This sharpens inner awareness, and concentration, and leads to finer control and lengthening of exhalation. It is also good for hypertension, and high blood pressure.

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