Viloma Pranayama: Brings a Feeling of ease, Calmness and Lightness to the Body

by YogaYami
Viloma Pranayama

What is Viloma Pranayama

Loma means hair, the ‘vi’ denotes disjunction or negation. Viloma means anti-hair, or against the natural order of things.

In viloma pranayama, inhalation, or exhalation is not a continuous process, but one that is interrupted by several pauses. For instance, if one complete inhalation were to take fifteen seconds, then in viloma it would be interrupted every two, or three seconds, thus bringing the length of the in-breath to twenty-five, or thirty seconds.

Similarly, with interrupted exhalation, the out-breath is lengthened from twenty-five to thirty seconds This pranayama may be compared to climbing up or down a tall ladder, with a pause at each step.

Some of the Effects:

This practice brings a feeling of ease, calmness and lightness to the body, developing endurance and a sense of exhilaration. It helps those suffering from low blood pressure.

The lungs cells are aerated, elasticity is created in the lungs, and the art of deep breathing is learnt with precision, ease, and comfort. It also rests the nerves, and soothes the brain.

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